Learn how to make your EU Settlement Scheme application.

How do I apply?

The application can be completed online and is split into two parts:

  1. You have to prove your identity using the EU Exit app.

  2. You are required to answer some questions on the Apply for Settled Status website.

After answering a series of questions and giving your National Insurance Number (if you have one) in the second part of the application, the Home Office will use these details to verify how long you have been resident in the UK through an automated check. The automated check is not always accurate, so you might be asked to provide more evidence.

At the end of these two steps you will find out if you have been granted Pre-Settled Status or Settled Status.

The AIRE Centre and New Europeans offer help in applying to the EUSS if you need it. Click here to book an appointment with The AIRE Centre.

When do I need to apply?

If a deal is reached between the EU and the UK, you can apply until 30 June 2021.

If there is no deal, you must apply before 31 December 2020.

If you are unsure about when to apply, you can contact The AIRE Centre.

What do I need to apply?

To use the EU Exit app in the first part of the application, every applicant will need:

(A) An email address and phone number; (B) Valid passport or national identity number.

After the automated check, if you are asked to upload more evidence to show your residence in the UK, you can use one of the following documents:

  • Bank statement that shows transactions in the UK
  • Letter from an employer
  • P60 or P45 confirming employment
  • Letter from a school, college or university
  • Letter from a registered housing provider
  • Tenancy agreement, with evidence of rent payment
  • Council Tax
  • Utilities’ bill, including mobile phone contract
  • Letter from a UK charity confirming your interaction with them
  • Letter from a GP confirming registration and appointments

If you need help in deciding/uploading evidence, please contact the AIRE Centre.

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